In collaboration with Associazione Ambiente e Lavoro

26 September 2023

Compliance with the chemicals regulations: REACH and CLP in practice


The regulatory landscape regarding the management of chemicals is extremely diverse: companies that handle substances or mixtures, whether they place them on the market or use them to manufacture articles, must comply with the REACH and CLP regulations.

The course aims to increase basic regulatory knowledge for finished products that fall under REACH and CLP regulations, defining a regulatory framework and the main requirements for marketing.

This course is intended to train operators who need to know the main aspects of the REACH and CLP Regulations for perform their tasks.


Regulation 1907/2006 (REACH)

  • Implications for industries: differences in requirements for companies producing substances, mixtures or articles;
  • Supplier compliance: what to look out for when buying substances, mixtures or articles from European and non-European suppliers;
  • Regulatory obligations for who market substances, mixtures and articles in Europe;
  • Overview of regulatory obligations for those placing substances, mixtures, and articles on the non-European market.
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