The EU Commission is going to propose to the REACH Committee the refusal for Authorisation of authorization for the use of chromium trioxide presented by CTACsub for the use in functional plating with decorative character, the so-called “Use 3”. As a consequence, companies that used chromium (VI) for decorative purposes will no longer be authorized to use and place this substance on the market and will therefore have to implement safer alternatives, unless they have already requested an authorization on their own.

The updated timeline according to CARACAL and REACH Committee work plan is as illustrated below:

  • 26 and 27 April 2023: the request for authorization for Use 3 by CTACsub and the proposal for the rejection of the authorization will be discussed in the REACH Committee;
  • 21 and 22 June 2023: the decision on the rejection of the proposed authorization of CTACsub for Use 3 will be definitively issued by the REACH Commitee.

With this communication, we wish to warn you in advance of the important changes that this decision will pose and the innovation challenges that companies of the sector will have to face.

For more information on the topic of chromium trioxide feel free to contact us and ask for our support.

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