On July 22nd, a draft modification of Annex VIII of the CLP was published by the European Commission for the public consultation phase.


The most representative changes are the following:

1. Postponement of the notification deadline for consumer mixtures on 1 January 2021
2. Possibility to print / affix the UFI code on the label or directly on the packaging near the label

Then there are other news regarding the transmission of group notifications.

The most important aspect for companies is the one related to the possible shift of the first notification deadline of one year.

This decision arises after months of confrontation between institutions, industry associations and industries regarding unclear aspects of the legislation that would have made his implementation difficult; the Commission therefore accepted these requests, deeming to postpone the first notification deadline.

However, it will be necessary to wait for the publication of the definitive Regulation to assess which points will effectively be implemented.

Source: European Commission