The completeness check of Chemical Safety Reports (CSRs) has been postponed from April 2020 to October 2020.
Before registration numbers can be issued, each REACH registration dossier has to pass a completeness check. ECHA performs a manual verification in order to make sure that all the required data by the legislation have been included in the registration dossier.
In 2020, the next revision of completeness check by ECHA is taking place including:

  • more explicit completeness check rules on hazard information in key endpoints (mutagenicity, reproductive toxicity and ecotoxicity)
  • an extension of completeness check to chemical safety report (CSR).

The manual check by ECHA consists on both new registrations as well as updates of existing registrations, therefore be aware and make sure that your CSR contains all the elements required under REACH.
Registrants should prepare for the changes as registrations submitted before may no longer pass the revised completeness check rules.
The checks of the chemical safety report will be based on the uses reported in registration dossier.
Whether you are a Lead Registrant with an own or a joint chemical safety report or a Member Registrant with an own CSR, make sure that your CSR covers your uses.

There are in program some changes to the computer-based completeness checks, too. Please note that if your use description was ambiguous or inconsistent in IUCLID 5, the migration to IUCLID 6 may have created issues to be cleaned.

Keep your CSR and your dossier updated!
Take action now to avoid unwanted surprises later!

TEAM mastery has a broad experience in preparing compliant CSR and in assisting registrants in completeness check.
If you need assistance for this activity please contact Stella Krashia: