A Regulatory Company
A Regulatory Company



We offer our clients a broad range of services in Regulatory Affairs, according to their own evolving requests; we find sustainable customized solutions to their most challenging questions.
Our global consultancy combines and complements technical and strategic skills, relying on the wide industrial experience and the cooperation within our team.


The technical excellence and the high professional skills of our team allow us provide innovative and responsible solutions, with timing responses and the highest scientific quality. The team is continuously kept abreast to date with national/international courses and seminars, which give a complete and contextual overview of the discussion at global level. We rely on advanced computational models for the risk assessment, QSAR/in silico tools, and most innovative testing strategies.


The philosophy of the group is based on the respect of the environment and human life. This purpose motivates us to consider the most innovative alternative testing method (in vitro, in silico and integrated strategies), which are accepted by the international scientific community, in order to limit the in vivo testing. Furthermore, we aim to create a collaborative and transparen relationship with our clients.