According to REACH Regulation (Article 2, paragraph 9) polymers are today exempt from Registration.

However, the Commission committed to publish a proposal by 2022 to include polymers in the registration requirements.

The Competent Authorities and the stakeholders involved are working on the definition of the criteria for the identification of polymers to be subjected to the registration obligation (PRR Polymers Requiring Registration) and on the possibility to group them based on physical-chemical properties and/or hazardousness basis. Actually, several criteria for exemption or inclusion have already been established.

The process will not be easy, and even in the early stages of notification and discussion, in-depth analytical knowledge of manufactured and imported polymers is expected and this issue could take years for a sustainable implementation.

The knowledge of own substances is the first step to be able to be leading actors and to direct the market choices in a competitive way.

TEAM mastery has followed this process from the beginning and thanks to the practical experience of its resources in the field it can assist you from the preliminary stages, keeping you updated on the regulatory course and helping you to choose the best strategies for the implementation of new requirements.

Thanks to our long experience we can assist you in (Services):

– Regulatory updates

– Portfolio organization

– Development of registration strategies

– Choice of methods and laboratories for Polymer identification

– Choice of methods and laboratories for basic tests and required chemical and physical properties

– Formation and management of working groups

– Formation and management of consortia


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