The Competent Authorities of France, Germany, and Ireland are issuing a call for evidence (CfE) regarding the uses of substances classified as skin sensitisers, according to CLP criteria (EC Regulation 1272/2008), in consumer mixtures to assess whether risks are adequately controlled under specific conditions, and which impact additional regulatory risk management measures would have on society.

In case inadequately controlled risks are identified, the Competent Authorities of the Member States may decide to propose specific restriction conditions according to Art. 68 of the REACH Regulation (EC 1907/2006)

Cosmetic products, as defined by Directive 76/768/EEC are outside the scope of the investigation (as per REACH Article 67).


The Call for Evidence aims to gather the following data:

  • information on the sectors, and type of uses/applications;
  • measures in place (e.g. changed formulation, reduction of concentration, specific packaging, conditions of use) to minimise consumer exposure;
  • experience regarding substitution efforts, availability of alternatives or reasons for non-substitution;
  • data on the skin sensitising potency of substances;
  • data on the technical functions of skin sensitisers in mixtures and/or on the safe use in consumer products;
  • epidemiological data on allergic contact dermatitis and other health-related information including health costs.

Interested parties, such as companies (manufacturers, formulators, suppliers, distributors, importers etc.), trade associations, scientific bodies (including dermatology clinics and dermatologists), Member State Authorities and any other stakeholders (including consumer associations, health insurance organisations) holding relevant information are invited to submit information, through this link.

Information can be submitted confidentially and will be treated as such by the involved authorities of the Member States.

Germany, France, and Ireland invite interested parties to respond to the CfE by 30 September 2022. For any clarifications, the German Competent Authority has made available the following e-mail adress:

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