The 21st National Congress of the Italian Society of Toxicology (SITOX) was held in Bologna from the 20th to the 22nd of February. The topic of the Congress was “Danger, risk and risk-benefit ratio“. In the presentation letter of the event written by Professor Corrado L. Galli, President of SITOX, we can find a detailed explanation for the choice of this subject, of which we would like to share a short passage: “The Conference will be dedicated to “Danger, risk and relationship risk-benefit”, a topic that summarizes some of the key principles of Toxicology, which however are often declined and interpreted in a profoundly wrong way. […] We are therefore living in a moment of great confusion, certainly fueled by the excessive space given by media to debates that are based on individual interpretations, which are sometimes polarized in the underestimation of the risk and, much more often, in an equally irrational attitude of chemophobia.”

Among the various topics covered during the conference, TEAM mastery was able to attend with particular attention the symposium on gender differences in toxicology and the one relating to the effects of alcohol on neurodevelopment, the session dedicated to the composition of the intestinal and oral microbiota and the dedicated symposium to nanoparticles, their different uses and the different possible toxicological approaches. Furthermore, TEAM mastery followed the presentation on the prospects for the application of NAMs (New Approach Methodologies) in toxicology and the presentation on new trends in regulatory toxicology for risk assessment. Also for this year, participating in the Sitox Congress has proved to be a stimulating opportunity for training and reflection on the main and current toxicological topics for TEAM mastery and a pleasant moment of meeting with toxicological colleagues from the academic world as well as from companies.

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