A meeting place for chemical and agrochemical leaders in Nice

The city’s seaside location and exceptional sunshine make Nice a destination of choice for international business travellers in France. The city is popular for its ease of access: its airport, the 2nd largest in France, offers direct service to 90 destinations in more than 40 countries.

The city’s seaside location and exceptional sunshine make Nice an ideal destination and departure point for exploring the French Riviera and the stunning hilltop villages which compose the surrounding countryside.

REACH compliance through member state and industry discussion

1) Why was the data sharing regulation brought in in the first place? What is ECHA’s view on this?

2) How are SME’s preparing for the 2018 deadline?

3) How are member states supporting SME’s?

4) What are the expectations with regards to SDS?

5) What has been the feedback since the implentation of the new compliance check strategy?

6) What is in the guidance document governing substances and articles?


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ECHA, Member State and industry advice to meet demands of the BPR


1) What is ECHA’s role and involvement with the BPR to date?

2) What are Ctgb’s first experiences with Union Authorisation?

3) How should in-situ generated active substances be managed under the BPR?

4) How can industry successfully work with biocidal product families?

5) How do regulatory requirements for biocides in the US and emerging markets compare to Europe?

6) What is the latest experience with the renewal of anticoagulant rodenticide active substances?

7) What are the key concepts addressed in the draft EU report on sustainable use of biocides?


View Biocidal Products Regulation Agenda


Practical regulatory advice for product registration

AgChem Forum Stream One: Registration of Agrochemicals


1) What are the latest updates from EFSA regarding Regulation 1107/2009?

2) Endocrine Disruptors: Examining the critical next steps towards their adoption

3) Examining Member Sate feedback on AIR 3and Product Renewal

4) How can industry overcome the challenges of comparative assessment and candidates for substitution?

5) Zonal Authorisation Procedure: Examining the process when evaluations at an EU level are progressing slowly


AgChem Forum Stream Two: Ecotoxicology and E-Fate


1) Are you clear on the latest OECD guidance on field dissipation studies?

2) Do you know why some higher tier aquatic and terrestrial studies are rejected by Member States?

3) Do you know what’s in the EFSA guidance document for exposure of soil organisms?


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