In collaboration with Die Akademie Fresenius

30 November 2023

Communication of the risk: compliance to the REACH/CLP regulations

Presentation of the course:

The main regulations for companies that deal with chemical substances are REACH and CLP, in particular: REACH regulation is about the evaluation of the risk for human and environmental health, while CLP regulation deals with the communication of the hazard throughout the supply chain.

The Safety Data Sheet, which is the main tool to communicate the risk, is an obligation according to the Annex II of the REACH regulation.

It is estimated that the most of SDSs are non-compliant, and this can lead to financial sanctions. The course aims to enable participants to protect the health and safety of all the workers, knowing how to read the most important information from a safety data sheet and critically evaluate its compliance. The most important elements to be taken into consideration when drafting a Safety Data Sheet will be also discussed.

This course is intended for all operators who need to be able to read, evaluate or draft Safety Data Sheets.


The course will cover the following topics:

  • Brief about the REACH regulation
    • Goal of the Regulation
    • Difference between REACH and CLP regulation
    • References to the SDSs
  • Regulation 1272/2008 (CLP)
    • Goal of the Regulation
    • Classification of substances
    • Labelling and packaging
    • Communication of the classification (C&L and PCN notification)
  • How to critically check a Safety Data Sheet.
    • Evaluation of all the 16 sections
  • Drafting a Safety Data Sheet
    • How to search missing data on ECHA’s database.
  • Brief about Poison Centres Notification (PCN)
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