Since 2009, the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) has performed compliance checks on around 15,000 registration dossiers, achieving the targeted 20% evaluation rate set in 2019, up from the previous 5%. In 2023 alone, ECHA conducted 301 checks that covered over 1,750 registrations and 274 substances, focusing on identifying and rectifying data gaps to enhance chemical safety within the EU. The checks resulted in 251 decisions directing companies to provide additional data to assess long-term chemical effects on health and the environment.

Moving forward, ECHA will concentrate on monitoring company responses to its requests for additional data and work closely with Member States to enforce compliance. The agency also plans to review the impact of the Joint Evaluation Action Plan, which was implemented in partnership with the European Commission to improve dossier compliance. Additionally, in March, ECHA will host a workshop as part of its Integrated Regulatory Strategy to discuss future priorities and strategies for maintaining and enhancing chemical safety across the EU.

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