The “Safer Chemical Conference 2021” was held online on 6 October, by ECHA. More than 2.000 people from all over the world attended the conference. For those who failed to attend the event, slides and videos are available online at this link.

During the conference, the necessity to keep up-to-date the REACH registration dossier was discussed in the “Zero tolerance approach to non-compliance” session.

The presentation discusses registrants’ obligations, tools that have to be used (PACT, REACH-IT, and IUCLID), and ways to keep up to date on REACH and CLP regulations and final recommendations.
The REACH registration dossier is the business card of the company and it has to be updated over time, as the registration is dynamic as the companys’ market volume and uses.
Thus ECHA supervises and checks the dossiers to ensure that the information is correct and complete.

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