The Ministry of Health and the Agency of Excise Duties, Customs and Monopolies (ADM) have announced, by press release, that, from last 4 October, and for a period of 24 months, border control activities will be reinforced concerning the compliance of chemical products with the REACH and CLP Regulations.

The supervision will cover registration, authorization, and restriction obligations, related to the REACH regulation, and labeling/packaging obligations in the CLP context, in line with the Safety Data Sheet of the product.

The activities will specifically concern:

  • Controls regarding substances in the REACH application field, imported as such or contained in mixtures above 1 t/y, also if the delivery is performed in a tank, in the proximity of industrial sites;
  • Controls for substances as such, related to annex XIV of the REACH Regulation, regardless of the imported quantity, also if the delivery is performed in a tank, in the proximity of industrial sites. The authorities will pay particular attention to the specific codes declared in box 44 of the customs declaration;
  • Strengthen analytical controls related to the following products:
  1. Costume jewelry (cadmium, nickel, and lead)
  2. Thermos, ironing board covers, spreader net (asbestos)
  3. Textiles and bags made of leather (azo dyes and aromatic amines)
  4. Leather footware (chromium)
  5. Cement (chromium)
  6. Air fresheners, toilet tablets (1,4-dichlorobenzene)
  7. Retreaded tires (IPA)
  8. Brazing alloys (cadmium)
  9. Plastic PVC products – bicycle handlebars, sports gloves, rock sandals, earphones, wrist frequency monitors – (phthalates)
  • CLP controls, related to labeling and packaging information of the following products:
  1. Paints and sprays
  2. Paint thinners
  3. Detergents
  4. Disgorging
  5. Glues and adhesives
  6. Correction fluids
  7. Automotive products (antifreeze liquids, compressor oils, and turbines, car cleaners).

For more information, look at the complete communication of the Ministry of health, which you can find at this link.

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