Safety Data Sheets for substances and mixtures are sometimes accompanied by exposure scenarios (EN), whose purpose is to describe the optimal operating conditions to be implemented and the risk management measures to ensure the safe use of the substances for a specific use or group of identified uses. ES are mandatory for hazardous substances for which a CSR must be prepared, namely for substances registered above 10 t/y, according to Article 14, or 37 (4) of REACH Regulation (EC) 1907/2008.

Downstream users of substances and mixtures must ensure that their own uses are identified in their suppliers’ exposure scenarios before they can use them. The same principle applies to co-formulants of biocidal products, whose ES must describe the condition of biocide formulations.

We therefore urge biocide manufacturers to ensure that this condition is respected in their suppliers’ exposure scenarios. If the manufacturer verifies that his use is missing, we recommend to ask the supplier to update it or to adress to an alternative  one.

We would like to emphasise this concept in view of the future approvals of biocide active substances and the related authorization requests of biociadal products.

TEAM mastery can provide support to companies for the implementation of ES, authorization of biocidal products and is available for further clarification.

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