The deadlines for resubmitting pending active substance applications to the HSE have expired. Several active ingredient/product type combinations that were part of the EU review program have not been resubmitted to the UK yet.

Therefore, the HSE has posted open invitations on his website to provide an opportunity for companies or task forces/consortium to notify their intention to participate in the GB review program for active ingredient/product type combinations, which have not yet been supported.

Manufacturers are advised to check the list to see if the active ingredients used in their products are affected and discuss the situation with the suppliers of the active ingredients.

Anyone who wishes to submit one of the combinations listed in GB will need to submit a notification to the HSE by November 12, 2022.

In the event that for the active substance/product type combinations a notification is not submitted by the deadline, it will be necessary to remove the PMC product from the UK market, after the non-approval decision.

HSE invites anyone who is aware of any disproportionate adverse effects that may result from the non-approval of any of the combinations listed above to make this known as soon as possible.

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