TEAM mastery s.r.l. will participate to the EFSA information session with stakeholders to present the EFSA Guidance Document for predicting environmental concentrations of active substances of Plant Protection Products and transformation products of these active substances in soil.

EFSA’s guidance documents on exposure to soil organisms and supporting software tools are prepared to support risk assessments of Plant Protection Products under Regulation (EC) no 1107/2009.

The overall aim of the info session is to present and explain the content of the guidance document and provide practical examples on how to use the guidance and the supporting software tools.

Potential topics to be discussed include:
• Overview of the legal framework;
• General presentation of the guidance;
• Explanation of the described scientific approach and associated methodology;
• Presentation on practical examples on how to use the guidance and the software tools

When: 4-5 June 2019

Where: EFSA, Parma

More info here.


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