The regulation of PFAS is still focal point in EU. Recently, ECHA announced the forthcoming evaluation of the restriction proposal by RAC and SEAC. This evaluation will incorporate feedback from stakeholders, alongside with comprehensive reports from relevant national authorities.

Committees will assess the impacts of the proposal on different sectors of use during three meetings. Here’s a breakdown of the agenda:

March 2024

  • Consumer mixtures, cosmetics and ski wax
  • Hazards of PFAS
  • General approach

June 2024

  • Metal plating and manufacture of metal products
  • Additional discussion on hazards

September 2024

  • Textiles, upholstery, leather, apparel, carpets
  • Food contact materials and packaging
  • Petroleum and mining

TEAM mastery will keep you timely updates on regulatory developments; meanwhile, do not hesitate to contact us with any inquiries.

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