In October 2019, Member States approved the REACH Evaluation Joint Action Plan for ECHA and the European Commission to increase the minimum percentage of registration dossiers that undergo compliance checks in each tonnage band from 5 % to 20 %.

ECHA’s Joint Action Plan is divided into different phases:

  • By the end of 2020, ECHA will conclude whether substances registered at high tonnage bands are a priority for regulatory risk management, whether are currently of low priority for further action and whether they need more data (candidates for Compliance check)
  • By 2023, ECHA will have screened all registrations in the tonnage bands over 100 tonnes/year
  • In 2027, ECHA will have checked all substances registered before the 2018 deadline, independently from the tonnage.

ECHA will perform a compliance check for all substances where data gaps prevent from concluding whether there is a concern or the substance is of low priority for further regulatory action.

Keep your dossier updated – Updating is a legal obligation (Art. 22, REACH Regulation (EC) No. 1907/2006).

Be compliant with REACH Requirements respecting the tonnage band manufactured and/or imported.

TEAM mastery has a consolidated long experience in dealing with the preparation of compliant registration dossiers and handling compliance check of dossiers.

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