On April 25, 2022, the European Commission published a Restrictions Roadmap under the Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability that provides detailed information on all ongoing work on future restrictions under the European Union (EU) chemical legislation, in order to allow companies and other stakeholders to be better prepared for potential upcoming restrictions.

These restrictions will address a wider range of their uses – industrial, professional, and in consumer products.

The EC will review the Restrictions Roadmap regularly and update it as necessary to maintain flexibility and its commitment to ensure progress toward protecting human health and the environment from the most harmful chemical substances.

The Restrictions Roadmap prioritizes group restrictions for the most harmful substances to human health and the environment, as set out in the Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability that calls for action toward a toxic-free environment and forms part of the European Green Deal. According to the EC’s press release, the Restrictions Roadmap includes a rolling list of substances that will become the basis for the multiannual planning under the REACH regulation.

The complete text of the ECs’ Roadmap can be found at this link.

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