In collaboration with Associazione Ambiente e Lavoro

19 April 2023

Sanitizers and disinfectants: how to move according with the Biocides Regulation


Disinfection, hygiene and cleaning, in most cases, are perceived as synonyms by the general public, when in fact each of these claims identifies a precise regulatory placement of the product.

During this course we will identify the reference regulations to be fulfilled for each case and we will assess the obligations and implications that companies will have to comply with to be able to continue marketing such products without incurring in fines.


  • Introduction to the Regulation 528/2012;
  • Introduction to DPR 392/98 and to Regulation 648/2004;
  • Categorisation of claims related to the various product types;
  • Examples from real experience;
  • Q&A;
  • Final Test.
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