In collaboration with Associazione Ambiente e Lavoro

22 November 2023

The extended Safety Data Sheet and exposure scenarios

Presentation of the course:

The REACH regulation mandates that exposure scenarios must be drafted for all substances classified as dangerous for humans or the environment or PBT/vPvB and registered pursuant to the REACH regulation above 10 tonnes/year. This document describes the operational conditions and risk management measures to be adopted during production and industrial, professional and consumer uses of the substance, to control the exposure of people or the environment to the substance itself. Even formulations containing substances classified as dangerous and already registered must be accompanied by a safety data sheet which includes all the information from the registration dossier and the related exposure scenarios.

The course aims to provide the basic knowledge for understanding the Exposure Scenarios, including the use descriptors and their application and to give the key elements for the mapping of uses. Notes will also be made on which elements must be taken into consideration in drawing up an extended Safety Data Sheet.

This course is aimed at all operators who need to know or be able to consult extended Safety Data Sheets.


The course will cover the following topics:

  • Introduction Extended safety data sheet and exposure scenarios: when are they necessary?
  • Reading of exposure scenarios
  • Notification of new uses and new conditions of use to ECHA: how and when to do it
  • Extended Safety Data Sheet: potential and problems
  • Practical examples: eSDS of substances and mixtures
  • Q&A
  • Final test
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