As announced, a main impact of Brexit for Agrochemicals we are today experiencing is the change in the renewal programmes for active substances approved in Great Britain.

HSE, designed for Agrochemicals in GB, set an independent (of EU) PPP active substance renewal programme.

With the goal to allow an orderly transition to the National Regime and by virtue of the transitional provisions, all active substances approved in England, Wales and Scotland with an expiry date before 31 December 2023 will be extended by 3 years.

HSE requires Companies to submit an application to confirm the willing to support the renewal in Great Britain, to be submitted 3 years before the approval expiry date.

The novelty of this kind of application and the need for dedicated strategic planning within Companies pose risk of confusion.

We PHYTO mastery are working on this side to ensure our Clients meet this deadline.

Our team is monitoring the development process of legislative framework while helping companies in the application’ setting.

Additionally, we’ve started (and we’re keeping) a continuous contact with HSE reference staff.

Please, do not hesitate to ask for our consultancy support.

We will take care of your business.

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