Regarding to the UK-REACH Regulation, which entered in force on January 1, 2021, we point out that from July 22, 2021 it will be possible to register new substances through the HSE agency.


The UK-REACH Regulation follows the principle of the corresponding European regulation “one substance, one registration”. The co-registrants must therefore agree on who will have to fill the role of lead registrant who will personally take care of the registration with the HSE and who will be responsible for approving the members in the joint registration group. The co-registrants are responsible for the joint dossier submitted which must contain the relevant information referred to in Article 10.

The same obligations also apply to any intermediates produced in situ or transported isolated intermediates which are relatively produced or imported by one or more co-registrants.

Following the submission of the registration, the co-registrants will also have to provide specific information relating to the companies.


Disputes may arise if co-declarants believe the lead registrant is not effectively and correctly fulfilling his or her responsibilities.

First, co-registrants should attempt to resolve any disputes within their group by discussing issues with the lead registrant. In fact, the latter can only hold his position with the support and approval of all co-registrants.

If they believe the lead registrant should be removed from their position, they can gather meaningful evidence and e-mail their complaint to The Agency, in fact, has the possibility to deposit the lead registrant.


Upon request and where the sharing of the costs of preparing the dossier has been agreed in a fair, transparent and non-discriminatory way, the lead registrant should share the joint dossier data with the new potential registrants.

New registrants participating in the joint submission must submit a request for animal testing data. Co-registrants can agree so that the lead registrant also shares other information related to the substance, such as:

  • the guide on safe use;
  • the chemical safety report for substances manufactured / imported in quantities of 10 tonnes or more per year;
  • an indication that the relevant information has been reviewed by an evaluator chosen by the registrant and with relevant experience.

If you need further information, please contact WORLD Division Manager Elena Borsini

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