TEAM mastery just published a paper about Mix-Tool, a new approach and tool for the environmental risk assessment of pesticides.

The paper “Mix-Tool: An Edge-of-Field Approach to Predict Pesticide Mixtures of Concern in Surface Water From Agricultural Crops”, in which an employee of TEAM mastery participated as co-author, is now online. The paper considers one of the issues of the environmental risk of pesticides, which is the uncomprehensive care given to the potential formation of mixtures of active substances, and it proposes a possible method to take into account this phenomenon.

Mix-tool is a methodological approach which includes the calculation of the concentration of many pesticide ingredients in surface water (PECsw) and the comparison of such values with thresholds of ecotoxicological effects (EC50, NOEC etc.), thus defining potential mixtures and their risk for the aquatic organisms. Results were then validated comparing them with monitoring data of the same substances in Lombardy.

Mix-Tool is also a model developed with Microsoft Excel, which allows everyone to experience this new approach in a rapid and easy way.

The article and the tool are available at the following link:

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