On October 10, 2019, the Implementing Regulation 2019/1962 was published in the Official Journal. This Regulation modifies some points of REACH in order to define, more clearly, some points related to the registration of phase-in substances.

The main changes, which will come into effect as of December 31st, are the following:

  • pre-registrations for phase-in substances will no longer be valid; this implies that, in case of registration, it will be necessary to carry out the inquiry procedure first in order to know the identity of the other registrants and to receive the information necessary for the registration process
  • the counting of tonnages on a three-year average will be abolished for phase-in substances. Following the registration of a substance, the tonnage calculation will have to be done on the current calendar year
  • it is recommended to registrants to use communication platforms, similar to SIEFs, to comply with data-sharing obligations, also with regard to new potential registrants, and to share information and costs on dossier updates.

Source: Official Journal