The “Announcement on Issuing the “Regulations on the Administration of the Registration and Filing of New Cosmetic Materials” (No. 31 of 2021)” and “Regarding the Administration of the “Regulations on the Administration of the Registration and Filing of Cosmetics” Announcement (No. 32 of 2021)” have been announced on March 4th to further regulate and guide the registration and filing of new cosmetic raw materials and cosmetics. The two major management regulations will be officially implemented on May 1st, 2021.

On January 12th, the “Administrative Measures for the Registration and Filing of Cosmetics” was released to further specify the dual-track management system of cosmetics “registration system” and “filing system”, to implement classified management of cosmetics and cosmetic raw materials according to the degree of risk and to clarify the two systems Management requirements.

The two regulation recently released further clarify the details of the “Administrative Measures for the Registration and Filing of Cosmetics”, refine the regulatory responsibilities of the regulatory authorities, and promote new developments in the cosmetics industry.

Cosmetic raw materials are not only the core of safety, but also the core of technological innovation. At present, the Chinese authority encourages and supports the use of modern science and technology, combined with superior projects and characteristic plant resources to research and develop cosmetics.

Information is required for registration

The regulations require that the registrant and recorder of new cosmetic raw materials who apply for the registration of new cosmetic raw materials or apply for the record of new raw materials shall submit the following materials:

  • The name, address and contact information of the registrant, the filing person and the responsible person in China;
  • New raw material research and development report;
  • Research materials such as the preparation process, stability and quality control standards of the new raw materials;

New raw material safety assessment data.

Information for the user

The regulations state that when applying for registration of special cosmetics or filing for general cosmetics for the first time, the responsible persons shall submit the following user information related materials:

  • Registrant filing person information form and responsible for quality and safety
  • Overview of the registrant’s quality management system for the recorder;
  • Overview of the registrant’s recorder’s adverse reaction monitoring and evaluation system;
  • Overseas registrants and recorders should submit a domestic responsible person information form;
  • The original copy of the authorization letter of the domestic responsible person and its original notarized certificate;
  • If the registrant or recorder has self-produced or entrusted overseas production enterprises to produce, they should submit the production enterprise information form and the information of the person in charge of quality and safety, and fill in the existing production at one time Enterprise and its information. If the production enterprise is overseas, the original copy of the overseas production standard certification materials shall be submitted.

With the implementation of the “Regulations on the Administration of New Cosmetic Raw Material Registration and Recording Materials” and the “Regulations on the Administration of Registration and Recording Materials on Cosmetics”, further guidance is provided for the actual operation process and the cosmetics market can be further regulated. This will promote industry competition to be positively guided, improve industry development, and promote a win-win situation for enterprises and consumers.

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