20th International Congress on In Vitro Toxicology – ESTIV 2018

15 – 18 October Berlin

ESTIV is organising regular 20th International Congresses on In Vitro Toxicology that join together scientists from Europe and all over the world. Next ESTIV 2018 will take place in Berlin, from the 15th to the 18th of October 2018. In collaboration with ESTIV, hosting Societies are the German Toxicology Society (www.toxikologie.de) and CAAT-Europe.


  • Bio-engineering and stem cell models
  • Toxicokinetics and in vitro – in vivo extrapolation
  • Models, biomarkers and assays for systemic toxicity testing
  • Disease models and translational toxicology
  • New developments in local toxicity and skin sensitisation testing
  • In silico modelling and read-across approaches
  • Updates and developments in regulatory toxicology
  • New developments in inhalation toxicity testing

ESTIV in collaboration with the hosting societies is committed to offer ample opportunities for travel bursaries and a special award for young students.

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The European Society of Toxicology In Vitro (ESTIV) is the leading organisation in Europe that strengthens the scientific network of in vitro toxicologists and promotes in vitro toxicology, both scientifically and educationally in all countries of Europe. Since the first European Meeting (International Workshop on the Application of Tissue Culture in Toxicology, July 1980, Soesterberg, The Netherlands), in vitro toxicology has aroused increasing interest in Europe, and a new scientific community has developed within this field. In some countries, new scientific societies or research institutes dedicated to in vitro toxicology have been founded.

Formally established in 1994, ESTIV is a society that aims to

  • promote in vitro and in silico toxicology scientifically and educationally
  • encourage research and use of 3R alternative methodologies
  • advance education and training of in vitroand in silico toxicology
  • foster scientific exchange on in vitroand in silico toxicology
  • strengthen the scientific network and facilitate communication between academia, industry and regulators
  • cooperate with similar organizations and societies


  • the well established ESTIV Congresses organized every even year,
  • the organization of applied and practical educational and training courses
  • the organization and promotion of scientific workshops on a regular basis,
  • distribution on a regular basis of information on in vitro and in silico toxicology
  • support to similar organizations and societies at a worldwide level
  • attracting and integrating young scientists


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