On October, 27th the Souther Zone Member States Committee published the revision of the “Working Document On The Work-sharing Of The Southern Zone Member States Under Regulation EC 1107/2009” (actual rev. 8).

This new version (which replaces the previous one dated 2017) contains updated contact details of the national authorities, as well as updated national requirements and other crucial information to draft submissions of plant protection products to the Southern Zone Member States.

The updated document can be downloaded from the public folder of the Committee in CIRCABC: https://circabc.europa.eu/ui/group/0b40948d-7247-4819-bbf9-ecca3250d893/library/339556f9-6aab-4cb5-a6a1-c32922eac7b5/details

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact TEAM mastery!

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