Titanium dioxide is authorized for the use in cosmetic products, both as colorant and as UV-filter.

Nevertheless, in light of its classification as a Carcinogen Category 2 (suspected human carcinogen) by inhalation route and its inclusion in Annex VI of the CLP Regulation, TiO2 was assessed by the Scientific Committee On Consumer Safety (SCCS) and its uses in cosmetic products were subsequently further restricted.

Now, the European Commission, after receiving a dossier demonstrating the safety of non-nano and nano form of TiO2 in cosmetics, requested the SCCS to re-asses the decision on titanium dioxide restrictions in products such as lip care, lipstick, toothpaste, loose powder and hair spray products. For further information consult this link.

The deadline for the assessment is 9 months; we will keep you updated on further developements. For more information and support feel free to contact us.

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