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5 June 2024

The Safety Data Sheet of chemical substances as a tool to communicate the risk

Presentation of the course:

The main regulations for companies that deal with chemical substances are REACH and CLP. While the main purpose of REACH is the evaluation of the risk for human and environmental health, for CLP is the communication of the hazard throughout the supply chain. The main tool to achieve this goal is the Safety Data Sheet.

The course aims to allow participants to critically read a safety data sheet, juggling the various points and being able to interpret whether it is drafted in compliance with the regulation or not. It will also be underlined which elements must be taken into consideration in writing a Safety Data Sheet.

This course is intended for all operators who need to be able to read, evaluate or draft Safety Data Sheets.


The course will cover the following topics:

  • Brief about the REACH regulation
  • Regulation 1272/2008 (CLP)
    • Goal of the Regulation
    • Classification of substances
    • Labelling and packaging
    • Communication of the classification (C&L and PCN notification)
    • Brief about other Regulations: Biocides, detergents, cosmetics.
  • How to critically check a Safety Data Sheet.
    • Section 1: completeness of the information (date and revision number, business address, poison centre numbers, etc.)
    • Sections 2 and 3: consistency and accuracy of information regarding the classification of mixtures and substances.
    • Sections 4,5,6,7: critically reading
    • Sections 8, 11 e 12: check the accuracy and completeness of the data provided
    • Section 9: completeness of physical properties and coherence with other points of the SDS
    • Section 14: consistency compared to the properties of the mixture
    • Others: presence of other regulations that can apply depending on the final use of the product.
  • Drafting a Safety Data Sheet
    • Information needed for the draft of SDS.
    • Check the accuracy of information based on existing data, supplier declaration and supplier’s Safety Data Sheet.
    • How to search missing data on ECHA’s database.
  • Brief about Poison Centres Notification (PCN)
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