Thanks to a long partnership with a specialized team in the cosmetic fields and our personal expertise in the risk assessment, we are able to offer full assistance in the compliance of cosmetic industry to the Reg. (EC) n. 1223/2009 requirements and subsequent technical adaptations.

In particular, our team is specialized in vitro testing strategies that are necessary for the evaluation of cosmetics products in the EU, where there is the total ban of animal tests for cosmetic purposes. This is applied also during the development of REACH registration dossier of cosmetics ingredients.


Project Managers

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Costanza Rovida

  • Toxicological evaluation of Cosmetic ingredients
  • Evaluation of existing data or available literature and QSAR/in silico evaluation
  • Development of alternative testing strategy for toxicological assessment
  • Design of in vitro testing based on the testing strategy and the product characteristics
  • Managing and monitoring of laboratory tests (in vitro)
  • REACH registration of cosmetic ingredients
  • Generation of Product Information Files (PIF) based on the Article 11 requirements of the Cosmetic Regulation (EC) n. 1223/2009
  • Generation of Cosmetic Product Safety Reports (CPSR) based on the Article 10 and Annex I requirements of the Cosmetic Regulation (EC) n. 1223/2009
    Part A– Cosmetic Product Safety Information
    Part B– Cosmetic Product Safety Assessment
  • Notification through the Cosmetic Product Notification Portal (CPNP)
  • Eco-toxicological impact of cosmetic ingredients and products