The Product Safety division supports clients in all the regulatory requirements, aimed to ensure the safe use of substances, mixtures and/or articles.

For this purpose, we provide our long experience to meet all possible requirements.


Regulatory Affairs Specialist

Tel. +39 031 269 513

Mattia Pavani

  • General assistance on regulatory issues
  • Preparation of Safety Data Sheets in accordance with Reg. (EU) N. 830/2015 and translation into the main European languages
  • Check the compliance of Safety Data Sheets in accordance with legislation in force
  • Verification the compliance of Exposure Scenarios and definition of strategies to implement the conditions described in scenarios
  • Preparation of Downstream User Report and submission to ECHA, for unsupported uses
  • Intermediate: verification of the Stricted Controlled Conditions
  • Assistance in the chemical risk assessment, in accordance with Title IX of the Italian D.lgs. n. 81/08
  • Control of manufactured and imported quantities of substances and mixtures in order to meet the REACH obligations
  • Strategies for the management of substance listed in Candidate List, Annex XIV or Annex XVII of the REACH Regulation
  • CLP requirements for substances and mixtures
  • Request of an alternative chemical name in mixtures
  • Control the compliance with the definition of an article under REACH
  • Consultancy on European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road (ADR) and the IMDG-Code, including the appointment of the Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor (DGSA)
  • Consultancy for issues related to the chemicals regulations in the following countries: Switzerland, China, USA, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, New Zealand, Australia and Turkey
  • Auditing
  • Support for compliance with national directives