Course organized by TEAM mastery
September 17 – from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm

Teacher: Chiara Marelli


This training course will introduce participants to various in-silico methods for estimating human health toxicological endpoints, including QSAR models and read-across techniques. The course is designed for participants with limited knowledge on the topic and that are approaching them for the first time.

This training will provide you with the basic knowledge on how to use models and read-across techniques to retrieve toxicological information. You will learn about the basic characteristics and functions of some tools with free access.


1.       Human Risk Assessment

  • Introduction
  • Methods for gathering information on toxicity

2.       QSARs

  • QSAR and SAR
  • Endpoint that QSAR can predict
  • Commonly used QSAR modelling systems
  • OECD principles for QSAR models validation
  • QSAR workflow
  • Types of QSARs
  • The concept of “applicability domain”
  • QMRF and QPRF

3.       Substance identifiers and chemistry

  • Main identifiers
  • How to use them
  • Examples/Exercises
  • Molecular properties

4.       Chemical similarity

  • Definition
  • READ-Across approach
  • Similarity and limits

5.       In silico tools

  • Statistical
  • Expert-ruled based


To whom

Regulatory responsible, cosultants

The training will be delivered in italian.
IT’s available in English upon request.

Course registration:

    The course costs €350 per person.
    You will receive payment instructions via email.

    For further requests or clarifications:

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