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TEAM academy

TEAM academy

TEAM mastery training courses: a glimpse into the world of chemistry regulatory

TEAM mastery organizes training courses regarding REACH, CLP, Biocides, phytosanitary regulations and more, addressed to the people in charge of regulatory affair, quality insurance, R&D in chemical, biocide, phytosanitary, cosmetic and pharmaceutical companies.

Our courses are tailored according to the client’s needs, and range from more general topics regarding the aforementioned regulations to very practical courses in order to make companies aware of their obligations and at the same time able to manage independently the related activities.

Corsi in programma


17 September 2024: In silico TOOLS FOR TOXICOLOGY

Overview of REACH and CLP regulations

7 October 2024: Overview of REACH and CLP regulations

Corsi Passati

Sanitizers and disinfectants: how to move according with the Biocides Regulation

The Safety Data Sheet of chemical substances as a tool to communicate the risk

Extended Safety Data Sheet and Risk Assessment

IUCLID for Plant Protection Products: A Hands-on Guide

ADR Regulation on the Transport of Dangerous Goods

Compliance with the chemicals regulations: REACH and CLP in practice

A Practical Guide to the ECHA/EFSA Endocrine Disruptors Guidance: Biocides, REACH and PPPs

Communication of the risk: compliance to the REACH/CLP regulations

The extended Safety Data Sheet and exposure scenarios

Safe use of diisocyanates

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