The IT-tool aimed to notify at EU level (Commission and Member States) the phytosanitary emergencies changes: the PPPAMS has converged into the ESFC (E-Submission Food Chain) platform.

The notification path through PPPAMS (Plant Protection Products Application Management System) of the requests pursuant to art. 53 EC Reg. 1107/2009 was started in 2016 to quickly and easily share data on phytosanitary emergencies between Member States and the European Commission.

PPPAMS resulted useful to achieve excellent goals of transparency, streamlining of procedures and speeding up of feedback times. But since its inception, there have been many proposals for its implementation.

On December 2022, the ESFC platform, already used for the submission of applications in the Food regulatory area, was proposed to replace the PPPAMS, thus incorporating the transmission of applications related to the plant protection area.

From January 2023, therefore, Companies and Consultants will use this new tool to report phytosanitary emergencies at European level.

It can be remarkable to remind here that, according to the provisions of the SANCO Guideline/10087/2013 rev 1 (January 2021), this notification does not have a legally binding value: it only represents a preliminary (and mandatory) step, prior to the application ex art. 53 (authorization for 120 days) to the involved Member State competent Authority.

For more information or practice support, feel free to contact our Phyto Division.

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