In collaboration with Associazione Ambiente e Lavoro

1 March 2023

Safe use of diisocyanates


Regulation (EU) 2020/1149 of 3 August 2020 introduced the restriction on diisocyanates, which as of 24 August 2023 may no longer be present in industrial products and for professional users in a quantity exceeding 0.01 %. W/w, unless employees of industries or professional users have completed a course on the safe use of such substances or mixtures.

The employer must ensure that industrial and professional users have successfully completed specific training, having identified the level of training to be given and having identified the specific content required for the use of diisocyanates.

This course is designed to train operators involved in the use of diisocyanates to a general training level in accordance with Regulation 2020/1149, and to identify on a case-by-case if is necessary an intermediate or advanced training.



  • chemistry of diisocyanates;
  • toxicity hazards (including acute toxicity);
  • exposure to diisocyanates;
  • occupational exposure limit values;
  • how sensitisation can develop;
  • odour as indication of hazard;
  • importance of volatility for risk;
  • viscosity, temperature and molecular weight of diisocyanates;
  • personal hygiene;
  • personal protective equipment needed, including practical instructions for its correct use and its limitations;
  • risk of dermal contact and inhalation exposure;
  • risk related to application process used;
  • skin and inhalation protection scheme;
  • ventilation;
  • cleaning, leakages, maintenance;
  • discarding empty packaging;
  • protection of bystanders;
  • identification of critical handling stages;
  • specific national code systems (if applicable);
  • behaviour-based safety;
  • certification or documented proof that training has been successfully completed.
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