The recent Directive (EU) 2024/869 introduced amendments to Directives 2004/37/EC and 98/24/EC, establishing new exposure limits for lead, its inorganic derivatives, and diisocyanates.

Lead, with its inorganic derivatives, known for its adverse effects on fertility and fetal development, is classified as a category 1A reproductive toxicant under Regulation (EC) No. 1272/2008 (CLP). Diisocyanates, for their part, are known to cause respiratory and skin problems, including occupational asthma and skin sensitization.

EU member states are required to incorporate these new directives into national legislation by April 9th, 2026.

In addition, by the same date, the Commission will examine the impact of endocrine disruptors in the workplace to determine the need to extend Directive 2004/37/EC to these substances.

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