As of May 1, 2023, amended completeness checks, carried out in IUCLID as set out in Article 20(2) of REACH regulation, will be applied to both new and updated registrations. The amedement concerns:

  • Identity of the substance: ensuring correct and consistent identification of a substance’s boundary composition and its constituents and additives based on clarifications made to Annex VI;
  • Standard information requirements based on Annexes VII-XI: supporting registrants in reporting information for endpoints concerning mutagenicity, degradation and aquatic toxicity based on Annex VII-XI information requirements. Registrants adding a new weight-of-evidence adaptation will be prompted to provide arguments for the approach in a more structured format.

We advise registrants to verify the compliance of the registrations aleady submitted to ECHA, using the validation assistant, as they may no longer pass the competeness checks. The new version of IUCLID will be released on April 2023.

For more information you can visit the ECHA webpage at this link. If you need assistance in the update of you registration dossier feel free to contact us.

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